Email your prayers to god.

Some where someone is always praying. Now is your opportunity to submit a prayer or multiple prayers for yourself, loved ones or join the power of prayer for someone you do not even know. Having Spiritual ness and combining it with the power of prayer, and then the prayers of the masses we can Pray Direct to G-d and he will hear our prayers.

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    If it is public it will be viewable on Prayer Archive was established as a means to allow people the world over to submit their own prayers for themselves, a loved one or even someone they do not even know at all. Each prayer and all those persons who are praying with their mind and body are then listed if they so choose on the bottom of each prayer which is added to this site and then FOREVER Archived within the Prayer Archives, a separate site where we archive all the prayers which have been submitted and added to and forever we will display these prayers on the World Wide Web (the Internet), which is the physical and spiritual place of this special "church"